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Revealing the Splendor

Your Tour Guide Uncovers Hidden Wonders in Nature 

Shadow and light, color and hue, smells and gentle breezes and much more await your delightful discovery.  Our driver-guided tours provide stress-free viewing time along the back roads and visits to those hard to reach places.  

We can also provide affordable chartered transportation to your quality standards and pricing while offering you family vacation packages or corporate incentive trips through our travel partners.

Our affordable guided tours will show you another side of the natural wonders of our National Parks and Western landscapes, where your vacation getaway will take you down a path of geologic time and colorful formations.  We'll help you see beyond the destination and hear the natural and cultural voices of the past and present.

Zion National Park

Tour Guide

Sentinals of Time

Your Pro-active Guide also offers commentary on escorted itineraries and outdoor survival lessons that cover soft to moderate adventure activities like camping, back-country hiking, mountain biking, skiing, jet-skiing, horseback riding, ATV or snowmobile tours, etc. in the National Forests, Wilderness and National Parks of beautiful Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Wyoming and beyond.
Additionally, you receive personalized Tour Consulting services as we help you streamline and customize your budgeted tours. With more than 15 years of over-the-road experience both nationally and internattionally, we assure efficient routing and take care of all pre-scouted details for you and your guests' abundant leisurely time. Solid Christian ethics and follow-through are BTDT's signature hallmark. When we give you our word, we make a promise that you can take to the bank.

With careful research and planning, Beyond The Destination Tours will guide your national, international, and local Southwest Tour Segments. As a Guide Terence offers commentary to inform, educate, and entertain from point A to point Z and all points in between. He specializes in cultural, religious, natural historical, and geological tours, as well as educational and performing-arts tours.

Cliff House Mesa - Mesa Verde
  1. BTD Tours - Lake Tahoe
    Discovering Lake Tahoe
    This 3-hour cruise revealed a high-altitude pristine lake to some 37 passengers from Long Island and Annapolis on a 13-day journey across California, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado
  2. Amtrack train station
    Green River, UT Amtrack Station
    Early morning sunrise anticipation for the California Zepher in Eatern Utah heading towards Glenwood Springs.
  3. Mammoth Hot Springs
    Mammoth Hot Springs in August
    Who turned on the shower and took all of the hot water from Yellowstone's Mammoth Hot Springs. Part of a 15 day tour across SD, WY, UT, AZ on private, driver-guided tour for a couple out of South Carolina.
  4. Lower Falls
    Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
    Yes, it's real! A surreal image the lower falls in August takes your breath away.
  5. Old Trail Town
    Old Trail Town Store
    The original cabin store from the early trapper days of the 1830s in Wyoming.
  6. Yellowstone Lake
    Yellowstone Lake
    Forest fires renew the earth and leave behind skeletons of the past.
  7. Pretty Dog
    Ma Jolie
    My beautiful adopted dog, age 14.
  8. Matthews-Winters Park
    Dinosaur Ridge
    Description View from Matthews - Winters Park, Dakota Formation
  9. Summer Flowers
    Summer Flowers
    Prickly Pear in bloom

Your BTD Tours Guide
Southwest Native 
With some 30 years living in New Mexico and Colorado and extensive travel in the surrounding states, Terence is quite familiar with the Southwest USA. 

Given his multicultural formation, he is well prepared to welcome and 
Excursion Manager, and a social worker over the past 15 years, his excellent practical experience demonstrates a keen sense of logistics management, key to  guiding your tours. 

He finds great pleasure serving people of all ages, and is quite comfortable with the 50 and over crowd.  His natural enthusiasm comes from many years on the farm and his love of the outdoors.  He is very personable and enjoys bringing history, culture, and each place he tours to life with a smile.   His anthropology studies, a strong university science formation, his love of people, history, geology, and archaeology will accommodate your clientele who are looking for a knowledgeable guide and skilled tour director.
guide foreign visitors from Canada and Latin America, as well as Europe and other parts of the world.

Terence is often called independent, meticulous, and self-motivated by his friends and colleagues.  Having served as a Tour Guide, Tour Manager/Event Coordinator, Transportation and