Our Services

We offer diverse consulting services
bridging the cultural and language divide for 

  1. Local & Regional Tours
    Qualified for local city sightseeing tours with incentive and receptive tour operations skills. We offer customized itineraries and commentary and are certified to conduct motor-coach and multi-model tours across 70+ countries, beyond North America.
  2. Transport Management
    Pre-scouted routes for coaches, mini-vans, or your choice of passenger transport, including up-to-date conditions and entry fees for any commercial tour vehicles.
  3. Quality Control
    Working 15-hour days, on call 24/7 always at the service of your guests. In the event of any emergency, our contingency planning is paramount.
  4. Tour Consulting
    For a more affordable passenger experience, we take the distance and guess work out of the equation through our pre-scouted Fam Tours helping to design and build your tour packages with our industry contacts.
  5. Event Coordination
    We are your local Representative for the personal and creative touch to hammer out the details. We serve as your Certified Event Coordinator & Planner in logistics management.
  6. Personal Assistance
    Short-term contractual assistance for Running errands to light office management and book-keeping, from travel itineraries to personal organization and research via advanced IT skills and technical writing and communications formation.
  7. Cost Schedules & Optionals
    For lodging, restaurant, side tours, etc. Suggested optional excursions from an expert who knows the Southwest region's unsurpassed beauty, natural history, and culture. Let's build a tour together that reveals the region's splendor
  8. Photo Store
    Discover our Photo Store of those memorable moments on tour. These images will surely compliment your home or office with vibrant colors and natural wonders in Giclee format and or framed.
  9. DVD Store
    Authorized Distributor / Re-seller of Finley Holiday Films. Discounts offered in volume when booking a tour with BTD Tours. If you have a title in mind let us know and we'll ship it to you.

Build Your Customized Tour


Let us customize your optimal trip.  W'ell take you only where you want to go and at your own leisurely pace!  Once you have decided we will give you pricing.

Typically full-day tours start at $185 to $250 per day for two people. This includes transportation for two people, one meal per day for up to 15 hours of service. Lodging excluded. Add $50 for each additional person up to seven people total, or about $72 per person for a one-day tour. All of this includes tour operation logistics, commentary, transportation, water, snacks, sunscreen, first-aide, and various sundries and suggestions for optional side excursions.

When booking 8 to 15 guests, add $75 per person, plus trasnportation costs. When booking 16 to 45 passengers, our chartered coach services with your tour guide/tour director become much more affordable per person.

Call us today after you fill out our booking form!  Your 30-minute consultation is free of charge. Then a nominal and non-reimbursable deposit fee is required when you book with us!  
*These prices are subject to change and are not fixed quotes.  They are general estimates given the basics mentioned above.  Please fill out our form for a FREE QUOTE tailored to your needs. The form is not a commitment, just an indication that you’re ready to learn more about how we can help you plan your dream vacation based on your details and our mutual availability  Later booking fees may apply for administrative time and effort and when including third-party vendor services and their fees.  

Your Very Own
Tour Consultant / Coordinator

BTD offers you first-hand expertise building your tour itinerary for your group tours. We utilize vast travel knowledge and skills from tour directing, guiding, and extensive travel through 11 countries.  REMEMBER: Your first half-hour of consultation is free!
Tour Consulting
Designing Your Tour Itinerary From
15+ years Over-the-Road Experience

Let’s work together for a better and more Affordable passenger experience!

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Let's work together to make both our businesses more successful and improve the passenger experience.

Save on costly FAM trip expenses, flights, and your valuable time when you book your local Southwest Tour Consultant, today!

Your personalized and customized tour is just a phone call or email away!
Above all, after the city-life, your clientele will explore secluded wilderness sights, rich cultures, and spectacular natural history and scenery.  They'll learn what it means to go beyond the destination and truly become part of the place and time where they spend their vacation.